Hi, I’m Bryan!

I am a producer, director, cinematographer and editor based out of San Francisco, California. I have over ten years of experience working on projects of all sizes with clients such as Salesforce, Square, BART, and Fitbit. I truly believe being well-rounded in all aspects of video production can only better the end product, so whatever your story is, let’s tell it today.


I have over ten years of experience producing projects of all sizes. Everything from small start-up videos to live event coverage to large political campaigns. With the help of your input (and maybe a few cups of coffee) I will work with you to develop something awesome!


I truly believe being well-rounded in all aspects of the production process can only better the end product. A director who understands the ins-and-outs of editing, the process of producing, and can step in as a camera operator is the type of director I have always been.


I have been shooting video for over 20 years. I started making skate videos as a teenager and over the years it has led me to capture incredible moments all over the world. As styles evolve, I make sure to stay at the forefront of this ever-changing industry.


Plain and simple – I LOVE VIDEO EDITING! I have spent thousands of hours behind my computer perfecting my craft and I believe it shows in my work.  I pride myself on being extremely creative, incredibly detail oriented, and never missing a deadline.



Bryan worked with us for several large political campaigns in the 2016 election cycle. He delivered high-quality work in every aspect of production, but what we valued most was his ability to listen to client feedback and deliver changes large and small with quick turnaround time. Bryan was responsive even when he needed to take a weeklong trip to Europe for an unrelated client; he had brought his laptop with him and was making our edits to meet our broadcast deadline. Because of his reliability and flexibility, we’ll continue to use Bryan for our future projects.

– Peter Myers, Project Advisor at CliffordMoss

“As one of the founding partners, Bryan helped shape the RockBridge brand and created a style we will stick to today. He is an incredibly talented and hardworking filmmaker. He thrives in all aspects of film and specifically on creating inspiring pieces. Whatever your video needs are, I highly recommend reaching out to him to see if he is available to partner with for your video creation. I always look forward to my next project with him and odds are really high that I’m in an edit bay with him while you are reading this!”

– Mike Kaney, President at RockBridge Productions

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bryan for the past 10+ years. We first collaborated when we were both fresh out of college. Bryan is an innovative, efficient, and reliable editor who can take on the most challenging of projects. His diversity of experience, creativity, and sharp technical skills make Bryan a huge asset to our extended team. He always delivers. It’s always a pleasure working with Bryan so I look forward to many more collaborations in the future.”

– Justin Lomax, Managing Producer, Studio & Creative Operations at Square Inc.

“Bryan’s ability to scour hours of footage and find the most compelling clips to tell the best possible story is incredible. He treats every project with the highest level of professionalism regardless of size, scope or budget. His punctuality, communication skills and respect for deadlines are what make him one of my favorite creatives to work with.”

– Myriah Johnson, Director of Marketing at SF Deltas

Demo Reel

Compiled of various projects throughout the years.